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Pictures of Modern Architecture in Amsterdam's ... - Amsterdam Travel
See pictures of the modern architecture from Amsterdam's Eastern Harbor Islands. These buildings and bridges offer a stark contrast to the 17th- and ...
ARCAM - Architecture Center Amsterdam - Amsterdam Travel
Scratch the surface of modern Dutch architecture at ARCAM, the Amsterdam Architecture Center, at its futuristic premises on the Oosterdok.
Architecture of Amsterdam: Cromhouthuizen (Cromhout Houses)
While the interior contains the excellent Bijbels (Biblical) Museum, the exterior of the Cromhouthuizen (Cromhout Houses) is an Amsterdam architectural ...
Architecture of Amsterdam: Het Scheepvaarthuis (Shipping House)
A listed Rijksmonument (national monument), the Scheepvaarthuis is one of the finest products of the Amsterdam School of architecture, and the first to be ...
Architecture of Amsterdam: Huis Bartolotti (Bartolotti House)
An Amsterdam Renaissance landmark, the architecture of Huis Bartolotti ( Bartolotti House) - also known as the Bonte Huis (Colorful House) - traces a small  ...
Architecture of Amsterdam: Het Trippenhuis (The Trips' House)
Find out what's behind widest facade in town with this history of the Trippenhuis ( Trips' House), a 17th-century architectural monument in Amsterdam, the ...
Architecture of Amsterdam: Het West-Indisch Huis (West Indies House)
The West-Indisch Huis (West India House) was the site of the landmark decision to found the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam - present-day New York.
Pictures of Amsterdam Outdoor Scenes and Architecture
Pictures of outdoor scenes and architecture in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Museum Het Schip - Amsterdam Architectural Museum
While one of the two, ARCAM (Architecture Center Amsterdam), packs centuries of breadth into its compact exhibition space, the museum at hand, Museum Het ...
Architecture of Amsterdam: Het Kleine Trippenhuis (The Small Trips ...
One of the narrowest facades in Amsterdam - the Kleine Trippenhuis (the Small Trip's House) - is also one of the most beautifully ornate.
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