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Basic Dutch Greetings and Goodbyes to Use in ... - Amsterdam Travel
If you speak English, you won't need to know much (if any) Dutch to visit Amsterdam. ... Basic Dutch Greetings, Goodbyes and Polite Words to Use in Amsterdam.
Plan a Trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Basic Considerations ...
To plan the best trip to Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole, it's essential to pin down your travel interests. Do you want to stroll the vast tulip fields of the ...
Learn "Please" and "Thank You" in Dutch - Amsterdam Travel
While there's little practical need to amp up your Dutch before your Amsterdam trip, a few simple words can mean a lot to some locals. "Please" and "thank you" ...
Basic Facts About the Netherlands - Amsterdam Travel - About.com
These basic facts about the Netherlands answer some frequently asked questions about the country and its capital, Amsterdam.
Basic Dutch Phrases - How to Order Food in Dutch - Amsterdam Travel
Learn how to order food and drinks in Dutch with these basic travel phrases.
Do I Need to Learn Dutch Before Visiting - Amsterdam Travel - About ...
That said, I encourage visitors to Amsterdam to become familiar with at least a few basic Dutch greetings and polite words. Whether just to say thank you to your  ...
Myths and Misconceptions about Amsterdam - Amsterdam Travel
Some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and what the truth of the matter really is.
10 Tips for the Best Amsterdam Coffeeshop ... - Amsterdam Travel
Don't risk a sub-par experience at a Dutch cannabis (weed and hash) coffeeshop : learn these tips for the best Amsterdam coffeeshop experience.
Dutch Narcotics Laws - Basic Facts for Tourists ... - Amsterdam Travel
Basic facts for tourists on Dutch drug policies, from soft drugs such as marijuana and hash to hard drugs such as ecstasy.
Dutch Cannabis Policy - Basic Facts for Tourists ... - Amsterdam Travel
Basic facts about the Netherlands' cannabis (marijuana and hash) policy, how it relates to tourists and to their access to Dutch (cannabis) coffeeshops.
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