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VAT Refunds for Amsterdam Visitors - Amsterdam Travel - About.com
(2) Visitors must have their tax-free forms plus receipts (or special tax-free receipts) stamped at the Dutch customs office. There are two customs offices at ...
What Can/Cannot Be Imported From the Netherlands Into U.S.
This doesn't take into account the alcohol content of the drinks; for the purposes of U.S. Customs, wine, beer, liquor, and typical Dutch spirits such as jenever, ...
Best Inexpensive Gifts to Buy in Amsterdam and the Netherlands
This is one of my favorite Dutch customs. The verjaardag (birthday) calendar is part of every Dutch home -- in fact, most people have more than one.
Beschuit met Muisjes - Dutch Food - About.com
Beschuit met Muisjes in a Dutch maternity ward. ... 2012), it was the custom in the late Middle Ages to sprinkle sugared anise- or caraway seeds, known as trigi ...
Oud en Nieuw - Dutch New Year - Dutch Food - About.com
The Dutch celebrate it much the same as in many other Western countries, but ... do with old pagan customs of driving away demons, so that the New Year could ...
Pasen - Dutch Easter - Easter in the Netherlands - Dutch Holidays
The Netherlands has a history as a Christian nation, and therefore the Christian holiday ... Easter in Amsterdam - Events and Customs of the Easter Holidays in ...
How to Say "Happy Birthday" in Dutch - Amsterdam Travel - About.com
Plan to celebrate a birthday - yours or someone else's - in Amsterdam? You may want to read up on Dutch birthday customs ahead of time. The Dutch have a ...
About The Dutch Winter Festival of Saint Martin of Tours - Dutch Food
In a feast similar to American Halloween, small Dutch children take to the streets on ... As a reward they are given sweet treats, in a custom similar to American ...
Kerstfeest - Christmas in Holland - Dutch Food - About.com
Christmas, the traditional Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated over two days in the Netherlands, i.e. Eerste Kerstdag (First ...
Easter in Amsterdam - Events and Customs of ... - Amsterdam Travel
Eerste Paasdag (first Easter day, or Easter Sunday) and Tweede Paasdag ( second Easter day, or Easter Monday) are both official holidays in the Netherlands.
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