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What Is Queen's Day? - Netherlands and Koninginnedag
Learn about the most celebrated and perhaps the most anticipated holiday of the Dutch calendar: Queen's Day.
Queen's Day in Amsterdam - What to Do on ... - Amsterdam Travel
Party Capital: While people all over the Netherlands celebrate Queen's Day, Amsterdam is certainly home to the biggest collection of parties and events on April ...
Queen's Day Events Outside Amsterdam
For those who want to avoid the crowds of revelers, Queen's Day (April 30) is an opportune time to leave Amsterdam and join the festivities in other cities and ...
Queen's Day - Koninginnedag - Dutch Food - About.com
UPDATE: The investiture of Willem-Alexander as King on April 30, 2013 brought an end to the tradition of celebrating Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) on ...
Pictures of Amsterdam Queen's Day Parties, Street Sales and ...
You've heard all about the revelry -- now have a look at these pictures of Queen's Day in Amsterdam to see what the biggest celebration of the year really looks ...
The Dutch and the Color Orange - Amsterdam Travel - About.com
Perhaps the biggest display of orange national pride occurs on Koninginnedag (" Queen's Day"), the April 30 holiday commemorating the birthday the country's ...
Wearing Orange on Queen's Day - Pictures of Queen's Day on the ...
On Queen's Day in Amsterdam, the canals are a big part of the big party, as boats filled with revelers decked out in orange parade down the water all day long.
Pictures of Queen's Day in Amsterdam - Pictures of Koninginnedag ...
You've heard all about the revelry -- now have a look at what Amsterdam is like on the biggest celebration day of the year: Queen's Day!
Queen's Day Smoothie - Dutch Food - About.com
This smoothie with oranges, banana, plums and mango is the healthy answer to all those orange-tinged foods on the Dutch holiday of King's Day.
Queen's Day Street Crowds - Pictures of Queen's Day in Amsterdam ...
You've heard all about the revelry -- now have a look at what Amsterdam is like on the biggest celebration day of the year: Queen's Day!
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