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Do I Need a Dutch Tourist Visa to Enter the Netherlands?
For nationalities that require a visa to enter the Netherlands (see link for list of countries), a "Schengen visa" must be obtained in person from the Dutch embassy ...
How Long Can I Stay in Europe on a Schengen Visa? - Europe Travel
Apr 24, 2008 ... The important thing to note is that you may not leave the Schengen Visa area for a day and return to restart the 90 day clock. If you've spent 90 ...
Is Spain in the Schengen Zone? - Spain Travel - About.com
The Schengen Zone, also known as the Schengen Area, is a group of ... have to be able to prove that you have the correct visa in case they do random checks.
Schengen Area Visas - Countries of Eastern Europe
Additionally, American citizens can enter the Schengen Area for up to three months without applying for a visa within a six-month period. It's very helpful during ...
Greece Visa Information - Greece Travel - About.com
Visa requirements for Greece for the EU (European Union), United States, ... But, now, due to the recently-implemented Schengen Treaty, a visa is now required.
Greece and the Schengen Treaty - Schengen Treaty Nations and ...
Some lines at Greek airports are for Schengen Treaty nation members only. ... If you are a mariner (professional seaman) needing a Schengen visa, other ...
What is the Schengen Agreement? - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
The Schengen Agreement makes visa-free travel in Europe easier. European Union (EU) citizens who travel to the Schengen countries will only need to show a ...
Visa Requirements in Iceland - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
Schengen visas are only for temporary visitors who do not intend to stay for long. If you intend to stay for more than 3 months, you will need a separate visa ...
France Student Visa - Standard Requirements - France Travel
A Schengen visa , multiple entries, for a stay up to 3 months: the student should ... The temporary long stay visa (from 3 to 6 months), multiple entries, is valid for ...
Iceland Visa and Documentation Information - Scandinavia Travel
Which travelers need an Icelandic visa or travel documentation for Iceland? ... Travelers visiting just one Schengen country should apply to the consulate of that  ...
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