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Amsterdam for Over 18's

Amsterdam's world-famous reputation is due not only to its lovely canals, art and architecture, but also to its red-light district, De Wallen (or De Walletjes) and its cannabis coffeeshops -- attractions restricted to visitors over 18.

Dutch Narcotics Laws - Basic Facts for Tourists
Basic facts for tourists on Dutch drug policies, from soft drugs such as marijuana and hash to hard drugs such as ecstasy.

Dutch Cannabis Policy
Basic facts about the Netherlands' cannabis (marijuana and hash) policy, how it relates to tourists and to their access to Dutch (cannabis) coffeeshops.

Are Psilocybin Mushrooms Still Sold in Amsterdam?
Find out about restrictions on the sale of psilocybin mushrooms (shrooms, paddo's) in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

Top Three Amsterdam Coffeeshops
These three classic Amsterdam coffeeshops, with a total of ten locations between them, are solid favorites for their product, atmosphere, customer service and extras.

Are Tourists Still Allowed at Cannabis Coffeeshops?
Are tourists still allowed in cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands, or is a Dutch-only "weed pass" (wietpas) required?

What Is a Smart Shop?
What are the so-called "smart shops" on the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

Barney's Coffeeshop - Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review
Barney's Coffeeshop, on the cannabis-filled Haarlemmerstraat, has hands-down some of the best weed and hash in Amsterdam -- with a laid-back atmosphere and decent coffee to boot.

Dampkring Coffeeshop - Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review
This classic Amsterdam coffeeshop has satisfied customers since 1993 with its superior menu, helpful service, and a unique ambiance.

What Is the Cannabis Cup?
The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is the major cannabis festival that takes place in Amsterdam annually in late November.

10 Tips for the Best Coffeeshop Encounter
Tips for the safest and most pleasurable experience at Dutch cannabis (weed and hash) coffeeshops.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Dos and Don'ts
Keep these tips in mind when visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops. Some of them might surprise you!

Why Can't Coffeeshops Sell Alcohol, Too?
Find out why you can't sip on a beer in an Amsterdam coffeeshop.

What to Expect in the Amsterdam Red Light District
The Amsterdam Red Light District has earned a world-famous reputation, which intrigues most visitors enough to pay a visit. Find out what to expect in this area -- some sights might surprise you.

De Condomerie - Specialist Condom Shop
De Condomerie is the world's first specialist condom shop, located - where else? - in the Red-Light District of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Is Prostitution Really Legal in Amsterdam?
You may have heard that prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and indeed it is. Find out more about the Dutch policy on prostitution.

Tour Amsterdam's Red Light District with a Former Sex Worker
I'd recommend this tour for those who wish to learn about the history of the Amsterdam Red Light District and the prostitution industry here. You'll even get the chance to step inside a Red Light window.

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