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Amsterdam by Bicycle

Explore Amsterdam by bicycle, and in safety, with these tips. Find answers to FAQs such as where to rent a bike, what are the rules of the road, and more.

Is It Safe for a Tourist to See Amsterdam by Bike?
This question came from a reader. Find out if biking around Amsterdam is for everyone.

Top 10 Tips for Bike Safety in Amsterdam
Riding a bike in Amsterdam is a quintessentially Dutch experience. But every visitor on two wheels should know these rules of the road. Read these Top 10 Tips for Bike Safety in Amsterdam to keep you and your bike safe.

Where to Rent a Bike in Amsterdam
If you're renting a bike in Amsterdam, read this profile of Amsterdam bike rental shops first. These companies offer everything from traditional Dutch "Granny" bikes to tandem cruisers for family fun.

Photo Gallery: Visual Guide to Amsterdam Bike Signs and Safety
Use this visual guide to familiarize yourself with the many signs, signals and tips for bike safety in Amsterdam.

Why are the Bikes in Amsterdam So Old and Run-down?
Visitors to Amsterdam will no doubt notice the thousands of bikes all over the city -- there are almost as many bicycles as people. But they may also notice that these aren't bright, shiny, new bikes. Find out why most Amsterdam bikes are old and rusty.

Bike City in Amsterdam
Profile of Bike City in Amsterdam, a great place to rent a non-touristy bike in Amsterdam.

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