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Kitsch Kitchen Supermercado - Amsterdam Design Shop


One Yelp! reviewer put it best: You either love it or hate it. For some of us, the aesthetics of kitsch have a special place in our hearts. Kitsch Kitchen is for those of us with a soft spot for cheap materials doused in shamelessly vibrant hues, and for those who are riveted rather than repulsed by its bold visuals, the Dutch brand with a distinctively Mexican aesthetic makes for wonderfully quirky souvenirs with its housewares, textiles and other merchandise. Oilcloth is one of the staple fabrics at Kitsch Kitchen, and the fabric of choice for the label's popular accessories, such as purses and wallets; less practical for travelers, but perfect for locals, the busily-patterened oilcloth is also available by the meter. The tableware looks like it just came down from someone's musty attic (for those of us to whom this is a plus), with its attractively retro, old-timey looks. Those with limited space in their suitcases can have the Kitsch Kitchen aesthetic in the form of stationery and cards ... or fake flowers, which, unlike some tulip bulbs, will cause no problems at customs.

Kitsch Kitchen Supermercado Visitor Information:

Contact Information:
Rozengracht 8-12
1016 NB Amsterdam
Phone: (0)20 320 1718
Internet: www.kitschkitchen.nl

Business Hours:
Open Mon - Sat 10 - 6 p.m., Sun 12 - 5 p.m.

Location: The Jordaan, just a few steps from the Westerkerk.

From Amsterdam Central Station, take tram 13, 14 or 17 to the Westermarkt stop; follow Westermarkt westward over Prinsengracht, at which point it turns into Rozengracht.

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