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Learn basic facts about Amsterdam and all the information you need to orient yourself in the city, from how to use the public transportation (trains, buses, trams and metro) to where to find tourist information centers.
  1. Amsterdam by Bicycle (6)

Amsterdam Tourist Discount Cards
These three Amsterdam tourist discount cards can save visitors a bundle on museums, attractions and more.

Amsterdam Public Transit 101
This introduction to Amsterdam's mass transit network explains how to use the Dutch capital's public transportation system and the "OV-chipkaart" smart card.

Will It Rain Today in Amsterdam?
The Dutch site "Buienradar" (Cloud Radar) provides up-to-the-minute forecasts for rain in the entire Netherlands.

Where Is the Tourist Information Center in Amsterdam?
Amsterdam's chief tourist information center should be one of your first stops in town; here's where to find it.

Where Can I Find a Post Office in Amsterdam?
Find information and addresses for postal service points - the Dutch alternative to post offices - in Amsterdam.

How Can I Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport in the Netherlands?
Find out how to replace a lost or stolen U.S. passport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

How Not to Get Lost in Amsterdam
These quick tips for navigating Amsterdam will separate you from the visitors staring blankly at their upside-down maps.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in the Netherlands

 Contact information for the embassies and consulates of the most common countries of readers of this site (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, U.K., U.S.).

How to Use Amsterdam Public Transportation
Inner-city public transportation in Amsterdam relies on the OV-chipkaart ("OV chip card") for payment.

Door-to-Door Journey Planner for Dutch Public Transportation
Use this journey planner to get around Amsterdam and the Netherlands with ease.

Where Can I Find Free Wireless Internet Access in Amsterdam?
Find out where you can find free wireless Internet access in Amsterdam.

How Much Should I Tip in Amsterdam?
Learn when and how much to tip service providers like restaurant workers, taxi drivers and hotel employees in Amsterdam.

How Do I Get a Taxi in Amsterdam?
Find out how to hire a taxi in Amsterdam. You can't pick them up everywhere.

Common Mistakes Amsterdam Visitors Make
Be an informed traveler on your trip to Amsterdam. Learn what most visitors do that you shouldn't!

Why Is There No Tram Line 8 in Amsterdam?
Some visitors wonder why there's no tram line 8 in Amsterdam; the reason has to do with the line's role in the deportation of Jews in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

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