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De Bakkerswinkel - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

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De Bakkerswinkel - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

One of De Bakkerswinkel's superb sandwiches.

Photo © Suzette Pauwels

The Bottom Line

Dutch bread is often a point of contention. Tourists who visit the Netherlands are often ambivalent about the canonically squishy, usually brown bread loaves peddled at most Dutch supermarkets and bakeries. Opinions are unanimous, however, about the fantastic breads, scones, pies and other baked treats from De Bakkerswinkel, a popular bakery and cafe. But De Bakkerswinkel doesn't stop there: a broad menu that blends Dutch and Mediterranean tastes offers irresistible soups, salads, quiches and sandwiches for a wonderful lunch.


  • Inventive takes on classic tastes from Holland, France and Italy
  • Easily some of the best bread in Amsterdam
  • Cozy ambiance in each of their three centrally located Amsterdam cafes
  • Locations both to eat-in and for take-out


  • Sit-down locations are often crowded
  • Pricer than other lunch cafes (but well worth it for the quality)


  • Address: Warmoesstraat 69
    Phone: +31 (0)20 489 8000

  • Hours:
    Tues. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Jul. and Aug. until 5 p.m.), Sat. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Breakfast served until 12 p.m.; lunch from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Location: Amsterdam Center, just next to Oudekerkplein.

  • Directions: From Amsterdam CS, take Stationsplein into Damrak, and continue south on Damrak; turn left at Oudebrugsteeg, and follow to Warmoesstraat. De Bakkerswinkel is on Warmoesstraat, just off the south corner of Oudebrugsteeg.

  • Attire: Casual.

  • Good to Know: De Bakkerwinkel also has locations in Amsterdam Zuid and West, as well as in other Dutch cities; see the Bakkerswinkel web site for addresses and hours.

  • Payment: Accepts major credit cards.

Guide Review - De Bakkerswinkel - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Amid the bars, boutiques and cannabis coffeeshops on Warmoesstraat, visitors can find De Bakkerswinkel cafe (and its take-out location down the block at Warmoesstraat 133). Often as hectic inside as on the streets outside, this lunchroom is no place for a peaceful spot of tea; rather, crowds flock here for their delectable lunches as well as rustic breads, luscious pies and more.

I stumbled upon De Bakkerswinkel on my very first visit to Amsterdam -- with such a central location, steps from the Oude Kerk and parallel to Damrak, it's easy to reach by sheer serendipity. I was immediately sold on their richly filled quiches, baked to perfection, and the convivial atmosphere. Since then, it's been my default choice when I want to treat newcomers in Amsterdam to some of the best bites in the city center.

De Bakkerswinkel takes on a variety of dishes from France and Italy as well as their native Netherlands. Italian stand-outs have been a chunky tomato-basil soup with a swirl of mascarpone, as well as a savory sandwich of peperonata, a medley of oil-marinated pepper, tomato and onion; French-influenced dishes have included a fresh salad studded with candied pecans and topped with a hefty slice of chevre cheese, in addition to their excellent quiches. Even the drinks are over-par: when I ordered an iced tea on my most recent visit, I hardly expected the fresh-brewed, subtly mint-infused concoction that arrived.

Of course, this excellent comes at a cost: De Bakkerswinkel is no secret in Amsterdam, and becomes quite crowded at peak lunch hours. If time is of the essence, check out one of the two take-out locations (at Warmoesstraat 133 and, in Amsterdam West, at Polonceaukade 2; hours on the Bakkerswinkel web site). Even outside their cheery lunchrooms, De Bakkerswinkel still delivers a treat.

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