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September in Amsterdam - Travel Advice, Weather & Events

What to Expect from Amsterdam in September


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September in Amsterdam, at its best, mixes the mild weather of late summer with the perks of the off-peak travel season (which it isn't -- just yet). Summer crowds thin out, and competition for the best hotels and hostels isn't as fierce; airfares and other travel costs can be much lower in comparison with summer rates. Major attractions become the province of those intrepid tourists who will risk the (considerably better) odds of rainy days in order to experience Amsterdam in the fall; yearly festivals and events, while somewhat fewer, are still potent distillations of the local cultural scene.


  • In some years, the September weather can be positively summery -- but see below for caveats

  • Amsterdam in September, while still a popular time to visit, is visibly less crowded than in the summer months

  • September ushers in a new cultural season for performance venues in Amsterdam and nationwide


  • Fall weather, as a rule, is unpredictable in the Netherlands; while there can be days or even weeks of pristine weather, there can also be endless spells of rain

  • As the crowds haven't disappeared entirely, it can still be a wise idea to allow extra time for travel, and to make reservations and/or order advance tickets to avoid waits

September Weather

  • Average high: 66°F (19°C)
  • Average low: 49°F (9.4°C)
  • Average precipitation: 2.6 in (66 mm)

Yearly Festivals & Events in September
See event web sites for this year's visitor information.

  • Amsterdam Fringe Festival
    80 performances, ten days, no limits -- this less conservative cousin of the Netherlands Theater Festival is the yearly event for Dutch independent theater.

  • Draaiorgelfestival (Barrel Organ Festival)
    Love them or hate them, barrel organs or draaiorgels are a Dutch tradition, and Dam Square teems with enthusiasts and their organs at the yearly Draaiorgelfestival.

  • Festival 5D
    The former NSDM Wharf is the water-side venue for Festival 5D, which strives to stimulate all the senses with its combination of theater, music, workshops, food and more.

  • Netherlands Theater Festival
    As the past year's cultural season draws to a close, the best Dutch theater performances of the season are reprised at the Netherlands Theater Festival.

  • Off-Centre
    The electronic music festival Off-Centre introduces new artists, on the cusp of international popularity, to Amsterdam audiences. Past acts such as James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda and Lone have continued to become established names on the music scene.

  • Open Monumentendag (Open Monument Day)
    Each year on the second weekend in September, some 4,000 Dutch monuments invite the public to explore their historic premises on Open Monument Day.
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