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Amsterdam Tulip Museum


Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Photo © Pvt pauline/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA)

Tulip season in the Netherlands lasts just from late March until about mid-May, so not everyone can make it to see these ephemeral bulbs in bloom. That doesn't mean off-season visitors have to miss out entirely on "tulip mania"; one consolation is the lovely Amsterdam Tulip Museum, not far from the Anne Frank House, which examines the history, cultivation and cultural value of the tulip in the Netherlands.

The tulip was introduced to the Netherlands in the 16th century, and its beauty and variety of form quickly entranced the Dutch. Almost immediately, it became an impetus for the arts and sciences: still-lives of tulips proliferated in the art world; the first professorship of botany in the Netherlands was awarded to the Flemish tulip expert Clusius. The dark side of this tulip craze, however, was the economic bubble that surrounded the tulip - a bubble that soon deflated, and left the Netherlands in economic peril.

What's to See at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum:

Such is the history that the Tulip Museum relates, by means of its informative multimedia exhibitions; visitors are treated to a vivid pictorial narrative of the tulip in the Netherlands. Emphasis is also placed on tulip cultivation and the exquisite variety of tulips.

The museum shop not only abounds with tulip motifs on its Delft blue tiles and other typically Dutch souvenirs; it also allows American and European visitors to take home seasonal bulbs, or have bulbs to shipped to their home country for the desired month, for a floral memento of their trip.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum Visitor Information
Prinsengracht 116
1015 EA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 421 0095

Business Hours:

  • Open daily, 10am6pm.
  • Closed Apr 27 and Dec 25.

Admission Fees

  • Families: € 15
  • Adults: € 6
  • Students: € 4


  • By tram: Take line 13 or 17 to the "Westerkerk" stop.
  • By bus: Take line 21, 170, 171 or 172 to the "Westerkerk" stop.
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