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Best Amsterdam Museums to See in Less than an Hour

Visit These Amsterdam Museums When You're Short on Time


Every Amsterdam visitor should see at least one or two of the city's world-class museums. But some take longer than others to visit, and many people are put off by the concept of spending hours on end inside one building. If you're one of these people, or if your time in the Amsterdam is limited, try one of these impressive museums, all of which require an hour or less to enjoy.

Anne Frank House

True, it is one of Amsterdam's most treasured and most popular museums, but the Anne Frank House is also one you can easily see in an hour. The small size of the museum and the former working and living space requires that visitors keep a steady pace moving through the rooms, so it's nearly impossible to spend more than 60 minutes viewing the site. The Anne Frank House certainly packs in a moving experience in a short time. Please note there is an interactive exhibition near the exit, called "Free 2 Choose," which may push your visit beyond an hour should you participate.

The Rembrandt House Museum

The Rembrandt House Museum, or Het Rembrandthuis, gives visitors a peek into the life of the Netherlands' most renowned artist, Rembrandt van Rijn. Through not originally from Amsterdam, Rembrandt lived and worked in this 17th-century building from 1639 to 1658. In less than an hour you can easily peruse the works of art, collection of sketches and restored living arrangements of this Dutch master painter.

Museum Van Loon

Visitors can easily walk through this former residence of an aristocratic Dutch family in less than an hour. The patriarch Willem van Loon was one of the founders of the Dutch East India Company in the early 1600s. The grand canal-side mansion remained in the van Loon family until the early 1970s, when the house and its collection of stunning antiques and family portraits opened to the public.

Tassenmuseum Hendrikje (Museum of Bags and Purses)

Named for founder Hendrikje Ivo, this unique museum and its stunning collection show the history of the ladies' bag with more than 3,500 tassen ("bags"), purses and accessories from Medieval to modern times. The late-17th-century monumental mansion includes two exquisite period rooms with restored painted ceilings and décor. No time for the whole museum? Visit the gift shop to browse bags from contemporary Dutch and foreign designers.

Museum Willet-Holthuysen

This palatial mansion dates to 1685 and is named after its last residents, Abraham Willet and his wife Louisa Holthuysen, who left the home and its contents to the city in 1895. Restored rooms and French-style manicured gardens offer a glimpse of the aristocratic lifestyle of the time. Compare this former home with the Van Loon -- they're in the same neighborhood and could easily be combined.
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