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Amsterdam Photo Gallery: Scenes from Amsterdam's Open-air Markets


Amsterdam's markets are some of Europe's most popular -- and most varied. These images illustrate the "vibe" of the many markets in Amsterdam, where you'll find everything from flowers, fruits and vegetables, to antique furniture, modern art and second-hand clothes.

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See thousands of colorful blooms at Amsterdam's Bloemenmarkt.Rows of Flowers at Amsterdam's BloemenmarktYou've probably never seen this many varieties of bulbs.Dutch Bulbs for Sale at the BloemenmarktThese blooms are so beautiful they look fake!Flowers Just off the Truck at the BloemenmarktThese are some of the most striking flowers.Gladiola at Amsterdam's Bloemenmarkt
See why this is a "floating" flower market.Rear View of the Bloemenmarkt Stalls on the Singel CanalThis photo was taken in early spring.Bloemenmarkt Stall Selling TulipsGiant prawns anyone?Seafood for Sale at Amsterdam's Albert Cuyp MarketThese flowers are cheaper than bouquets at the Bloemenmarkt.Fresh Flowers at Amsterdam's Albert Cuyp Market
You won't believe the prices!Produce Stand at the Albert Cuyp MarketMeet the artists at this open-air gallery in Amsterdam.Amsterdam's Spui Art MarketThis central Amsterdam square is a great setting for a market.Artists on the Tree-lined SpuiThese works of art make a bold statement.Paintings at Thorbeckeplein Art Market
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