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Visitor Information for Keukenhof 2013


Keukenhof is a destination that attracts repeat visitors, not only because of the inexhaustible marvel of its spectacular bulb fields, but also because the park reinvents itself each season with new exhibits centered around its annual theme. Some minutiae of the visitors' information also varies from year to year. Find out what Keukenhof has in store for visitors in 2013 below, or look back on previous seasons here on Amsterdam Travel:

2013 Theme: United Kingdom – Land of Great Gardens:

2012 was a milestone year for the UK, between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Summer Olympics, so the time is ripe for a tribute to the country on the other side of the Channel. The theme country is also one with close business ties to the Netherlands, both as an export market for bulb flowers and as a source of tourists. In October 2012, the British ambassador to the Netherlands planted the final bulbs in a 60,000-flower bulb mosaic of two iconic London monuments, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge; the flower bulb mosaic will be in bloom for visitors when Keukenhof re-opens for its 64th season in March.

Keukenhof 2013 Visitor Information:

Keukenhof's 64th season lasts from Thursday, March 21 2013 to Monday, May 20, 2013. Just like last year, the bulb fields will be open daily, Sundays and public holidays included, from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Visitors who plan to arrive late in the day should take note that the ticket office closes at 6 p.m.

Entrance fees in 2013 are nominally more expensive than last year: € 15 for adults and seniors (65+), € 7.50 for children (4 to 11 years old). The annual pass is a value for flower lovers who plan to visit at least three times in the same season; € 45 (adults and seniors) or € 17.50 (children) buys you unlimited access for the entire season. As with some of Amsterdam's other top attractions, visitors can avoid the lines and even earn a discount with printable e-tickets, available on the Keukenhof web site.

As one of the country's most popular attractions, Keukenhof can become particularly - and for some, uncomfortably - crowded. Peak crowds are in April (chiefly the last two weekends of the month), when the tulips are in full bloom, so visitors must make the choice between a less-crowded park or more vibrant bulb fields. Visitors who brave the crowds in April will find the park at its emptiest early in the day or late in the afternoon.

How to Reach Keukenhof in 2013:

Keukenhof is located about 34 km (21 miles) south of Amsterdam, in the town of Lisse, South Holland. Visitors can bike, drive, or take the bus to the tulip fields. Car directions are available on the Keukenhof web site.

Dedicated Keukenhof buses are put into service for the duration of each season. These "Keukenhof Express" buses are bus line 54 from Leiden Central Station (a 25-minute ride) and line 58 from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (35 minutes); customized public transit directions is available at the travel advice site 9292. Visitors who take the bus to Keukenhof via Leiden should consider a detour to this splendid canal city, the seat of the Netherlands' oldest university and home to more than a dozen fine museums; a number of other half-day trips to towns and cities in South Holland can be conveniently combined with a trip to Keukenhof.

More information about the 2013 Keukenhof season will be posted as details become available.

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