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Amsterdam Fringe Festival


What is the Amsterdam Fringe Festival?

Based on well-known Fringe festivals held in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Prague and Dublin, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival aims to carve a niche for alternative theater and performance, most of which goes against the grain of society, or is in some way raw, politically controversial or simply on the cutting edge. The festival began in 2006 as a reaction to the traditional body of work selected for the annual Theater Festival of the Netherlands and Flanders. Promising a "no holds barred adventure," the Amsterdam Fringe Festival maintains an open registration policy to encourage openness, energy and creativity.

Where Is the Amsterdam Fringe Festival Held?

Venues include theaters like the Bellevue, Rozentheater and De Balie, as well as favorite Amsterdam clubs like De Nieuwe Anita, Perdu, Paradiso, Melkweg and the Sugar Factory. Unexpected venues throughout the urban landscape can become spaces for impromptu "guerilla theater," skits and musicals.

When is the Amsterdam Fringe Festival?

The 2011 festival will be held from September 1 - 11. Amsterdam Fringe Festival Program and Tickets

While the bulk of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival website and many of the performances are in Dutch, there are plenty of acts that the organizers categorize as "Language No Problem." Look for the LNP letters in the program schedule.

Buy tickets on the Amsterdam Fringe Festival website, at the main box office at Theater Bellevue (Leidsekade 90) or at the venue of each performance.

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