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NY400 Events in Amsterdam


NY400 Dates
Throughout 2009; most Amsterdam events take place in spring and summer.

What Is NY400?

The joint effort of several organizations in the Netherlands and New York City, "NY400: Holland on the Hudson" commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Dutch arrival in the Americas, and the subsequent long-standing friendship between the Netherlands and the United States.

In 1609, the Dutch East India Company ship Halve Maen ("Half Moon") -- captained by hired Englishman Henry Hudson -- landed in what is now New York Harbor on a mission to find a new route to Asia. Although it wasn't until 1625 that the Dutch actually settled "New Amsterdam," (today's New York City) the celebrations mark the quadricentennial of the 1609 arrival.

The celebrations also serve to highlight the similarities between New York and the Netherlands, which, according to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, include "a strong sense of optimism and tolerance, and a great appreciation for diversity, design and innovation."

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen adds, "With substantial expertise in the fields of water management, development and technology, as well as tourism and the wider maritime and creative industries, the Netherlands and New York City have a unique connection that links the two not only in terms of history, but also current priorities and future legacy."

NY400 Program Highlights

Throughout 2009, Amsterdam will host several events and exhibitions related to the Dutch-New York relationship, most notably in the arts. For a complete list (which also includes events in New York City), see the NY400 website.
  • Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night
    Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
    February 13 - June 7, 2009

    This exhibition is the first one dedicated only to the Dutch artist's representations of the evening and the night. The main attraction is no doubt the easily recognizable The Starry Night, on loan from the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, who collaborated in bringing this exhibition to Amsterdam.

  • Richard Avedon: Photographs 1946 - 2004
    February 13 - May 13, 2009
    FOAM (photography museum), Amsterdam

    More than 200 photographs from the world-renowned photographer and New York native comprise an impressive retrospective of his work, including stunning examples of his international fashion photography of the 1940s and '50s and portraits of celebrities and dignitaries.

  • Opening of Keukenhof Gardens with the Queen of the Netherlands and the First Lady of New York State
    March 18, 2009
    Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse (Netherlands)

    Queen Beatrix will welcome Michelle Paige Paterson, wife of New York Governor David Paterson, on opening day of these famous tulip and bulb gardens. The Keukenhof will mark the NY400 celebration with a flower mosaic of the Statue of Liberty, made up of more than 25,000 blooming bulb flowers.
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