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Pictures of Amsterdam Bike Signs and Safety Tips - Photo Gallery

Visual Guide to Bike Safety in Amsterdam


If you're considering renting a bike during your visit to Amsterdam, good for you! Biking is by far the best way to get around the city. You'll cover a lot more ground on a bike than you could on foot, and you'll feel oh-so-Dutch as you cruise along the canals.

But although Amsterdam is a city designed for bikers, all its special rules, signals and signs won't help you a bit if you don't know what they mean.

Use this visual guide to familiarize yourself with the many signs, signals and tips for bike safety in Amsterdam before you head out, and I guarantee your two-wheel journey will be a lot more enjoyable!

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Biking in Amsterdam is safe enough that parents pedal their kids through the city.Biking in Amsterdam is Safe for Everyone Who Knows the RulesLook for the white bicycle symbols painted in bike lanes.Amsterdam Bike PathFollow these round, blue signs throughout the city.Bike Path Sign in AmsterdamWhat does that weird word mean?No Entry, Except to Bikes/Scooters
Don't ride your bike here.Pedestrians Only, No Bikes/ScootersUse a special button to activate a bike traffic light.Bike Traffic Light Activation ButtonFollow these traffic lights meant especially for bikes.Amsterdam Bike Traffic LightNo bike lane? Ride with traffic.Ride a Bike with Traffic in Amsterdam
Stay alert when you see this sign.Caution, Yield to Tram AheadRing your bell to alert people in the bike lane!Watch for Pedestrians in StreetsWhat's missing in this picture?The Wrong Way to Lock a Bike in AmsterdamHop on the sidewalk instead of blocking traffic.Never Stop in the Bike Lane
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