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So you want to visit Amsterdam? Millions of tourists set foot in Amsterdam each year, and no two are alike. Each season and month has its own memorable yearly events to suit different tastes. Travelers can reach Amsterdam by plane, train and automobile -- even by bus. And for those of you who aren't yet convinced, check out Amsterdam Travel Inspiration for more reasons Dutch capital makes a wonderful holiday destination.
  1. Amsterdam by Month (12)
  2. Amsterdam by Season (4)
  3. Basic Facts About the Netherlands (21)
  4. How to Reach the Netherlands (20)

Plan a Trip to Amsterdam
Plan a trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands with our travel advice and essential tips.

A Month-by-Month Preview of Amsterdam
Each month in Amsterdam has its own character; find out which month's special features - weather, festivals, events - suit you best.

Amsterdam Weather in Brief
Tabular overview of weather conditions (temperature and precipitation) in Amsterdam for each month of the year, plus recommended weather sites and other tips.

National Holidays in the Netherlands 2008-2012
Consult this list of official holidays in the Netherlands before planning your trip to Amsterdam.

Top Reasons to Visit Amsterdam
If you're planning a European trip, first read this list of reasons to include Amsterdam on your journey. You might be surprised by a few!

When to Visit Amsterdam
Planning a trip to Amsterdam but not sure when to go? Use this seasonal guide to help you decide. Find highlights of certain times of year, including many of Amsterdam's most popular events and festivals.

How Safe Is Amsterdam?
How safe is Amsterdam? What areas of Amsterdam should tourists avoid?

Amsterdam in Less Than 10 Words
Until you get a first-hand feel for Amsterdam, these words will help you understand the city's nuances and natives.

Amsterdam by the Numbers
Have a look at these figures to get to know Amsterdam and all it has to offer.

Downsides of Amsterdam
Every destination has its downsides. Here you'll find my picks for the things I think Amsterdam could do without.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in the Netherlands
Contact information for the embassies and consulates of the most common countries of readers of this site (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, U.K., U.S.).

WWOOF in the Netherlands
Become a live-in volunteer on a Dutch farm with WWOOF; the Netherlands has around 30 host farms across the country.

Amsterdam Web Cams
These outdoor web cams offer views onto various spots in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Do I Need a Visa to Enter the Netherlands?
Find out whether you need a tourist visa to visit the Netherlands, and the process to obtain one.

How Not to Get Lost in Amsterdam
These quick tips for navigating Amsterdam will separate you from the visitors staring blankly at their upside-down maps.

Amsterdam Tourist Discount Cards
These three Amsterdam tourist discount cards can save visitors a bundle on museums, attractions and more.

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