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Amsterdam in Spring


A canal boat hosts a reception for a spring wedding in Amsterdam

A canal boat hosts a reception for a spring wedding in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam in spring feels a bit like the beginning of a crescendo that lasts through summer. Locals begin to choose café terraces, their private canal-cruising vessels and city parks over being inside -- even when it's still a bit cool -- as if willing the new season to arrive. We're all happy to sacrifice an hour of sleep on the last Sunday in March, as the time change means sunsets are already as late as 8 p.m. and the days will only get longer.

The longer spring days paint a colorful canvas in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Trees appear as if they've been outlined with a lime-green highlighter as they finally start to leaf out. Crocus, hyacinth and narcissus blooms debut as an opening act to their bigger bulb counterparts, the famous Dutch tulips. And everyone tries to predict when the peak time will be to see them in full glory at Keukenhof Gardens or in the nearby bulb farm fields.

Amsterdam flights and accommodations prices are still relatively low in March; they start to climb as the temperatures do, usually around April 1. Visitor crowds follow a similar pattern, with groups of tulip-tourists arriving in April, giving way to a steady flow of European weekend-breakers and North American college students in May. Spring is also when the Dutch celebrate some of their biggest and most important holidays: Queen's Day, Remembrance Day and Liberation Day.

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