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Amsterdam by the Numbers

Figures that Put the City in Perspective


So just how many bridges are there in Amsterdam? And is it true there are almost as many bicycles as people here? Find out for yourself in this statistical guide to Amsterdam.

Global Village

743,027: Inhabitants in central Amsterdam
1,514,050: Inhabitants in greater Amsterdam
177: Nationalities represented by residents

Tourist Destination

15,749,000: Annual visitors
7: Rank among most visited European cities*
37,763: Hotel beds
5: Camping sites

Stunning Structures

6,800: 16th-, 17th- and 18th-century buildings
654: Gable stones
1: Royal Palace
302: Statues and sculptures
6: Windmills

Cultural, Musical Mecca

51: Museums
141: Art galleries
16,000: Concerts and theatrical performances (annual)
55: Theaters and concert halls
9: Carillons
42: Historical church organs

Urban Garden

600,000: Bulb flowers in parks and public gardens
28: Parks

City on Water

165: Canals
1,281: Bridges
8: Wooden drawbridges
2,500: Houseboats

Shopping Capital

21: Markets
6,179: Shops and stores
165: Antique shops
24: Diamond polishing factories

Ride and Glide

600,000: Bicycles
232: Trams
110: Glass-topped canal boats
9: Ferries

Eat, Drink, Dance

1,215: Cafés and bars
1,250: Restaurants
36: Dance clubs

Statistics (2006) provided by Amsterdam Tourism and Convention Board.
*Figure from 2003 and 2004.
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