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Whether you want to visit Amsterdam from A to Z or only have time for a canal boat tour, find ideas here to make your visit a memorable one. Find walking and biking tours of Amsterdam, suggested Amsterdam itineraries, the must-see Amsterdam museums and much more.
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Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam
The best of Amsterdam travel: the top 10 attractions that no visitor should miss.

48 Hours in Amsterdam
Pressed for time? Take a whirlwind 48-hour tour of Amsterdam's best attractions.

50 Things to Do in Amsterdam
Pad your Amsterdam itinerary with some of these 50 attractions and activities.

50 More Things to Do in Amsterdam (and Beyond)
50 more attractions and activities for visitors to add to their Netherlands itinerary.

In Pictures: Amsterdam for Free
A pictorial feature on the best free tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam for Children & Families
Amsterdam has loads of attractions and activities perfect for kids; here is a selection of even more favorites.

De Wallen, Amsterdam's Red-Light District
De Wallen, Amsterdam's red-light district, has far more to offer than debauchery - from museums and monuments, to shops and boutiques, to first-rate restaurants.

Amsterdam's Famous Squares
From the iconic Dam Square - site of the Dutch National Monument - to Museumplein, where the city keeps its top museums, these squares combine picturesque beauty with phenomenal attractions.

Best of Dam Square
Often one of the first places visitors to Amsterdam encounter, Dam Square is loaded with top tourist attractions for an ideal introduction to the capital.

Visitors' Guide to Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square)
What to see and do on Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) - from music venues and clubs, to bars, to cafes and restaurants, to entertainment and other attractions, all on or near the popular Amsterdam square.

Amsterdam Museums for Everybody
The city of Amsterdam has museums devoted to art, history, science, fashion, architecture, popular vices and more.

Guide to Amsterdam Art Museums
Guide to art museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from major museums like the Rijksmuseum to lesser-known art institutions.

Dutch Artists Not to Miss in the Netherlands
Amsterdam, and the entire Netherlands, is a prime destination for art history buffs; find the best places to view Dutch artists from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

Amsterdam Canal House Museums
Once private residences, these canal house museums now invite the public inside their walls.

Amsterdam Museums & Attractions Closed on Mondays
Don't miss a must-see attraction just because it's a Monday; find out here which museums are closed on certain days of the week.

Diamonds in Amsterdam
Amsterdam has been a city of diamonds since the 16th century. Learn more about its historic diamond industry, free diamond factory tours and the Amsterdam Diamant Museum.

Personal Recommendations from Your Guide to Amsterdam Travel
A list of my own personal favorite museums and attractions, restaurants and cafes, and shops in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam for Free
Use this list to find free things to do in Amsterdam. There are plenty of free Amsterdam attractions and experiences that can add value to your visit!

Amsterdam for Rainy Days
This list of things to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day proves there's plenty to enjoy in the city during wet weather.

Amsterdam with Kids
People who assume Amsterdam isn't an appropriate place for children don't know the city very well. There are plenty of fun and educational things to do with kids in Amsterdam -- find them here!

Reasons to Love the Nine Streets Area of Amsterdam
In the Central Canal Belt of Amsterdam lies a three-block by three-block water-woven district known to locals as De Negen Straatjes. These "Nine Streets" are filled with quirky shops, trendy boutiques, cozy cafés and cool restaurants, making it one of the city's best areas to wander all day.

Best Small Canals in Amsterdam
Some of my favorite spots in Amsterdam exist along its "small" canals. Here, find my favorite of Amsterdam's small canals -- and the charming bridges, buildings and sights that will make them yours, too.

Top Three Amsterdam Museums
These homes to historic and artistic wonders are the most treasured museums in Amsterdam, and all visitors should try to make it to at least one or two them.

Amsterdam Museums for World War II History
Occupied by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1945, the Netherlands was on the forefront of World War II. As such, these Amsterdam museums chronicle the ways in which the city and the country dealt with the war, its atrocities and its end.

Unique and Unusual Museums and Attractions in Amsterdam
So you've explored the Rijksmuseum and the works of Van Gogh and now you're looking for something a little more off-the-wall. These unique and unusual Amsterdam museums won't disappoint.

Best Amsterdam Museums to See in Less than an Hour
Short on time or just don't like being inside one museum for hours on end? Visit one of these impressive Amsterdam museums that only take an hour or less to enjoy.

Amsterdam Museums Open on Christmas and New Year's Day
Check this list to find out which Amsterdam museums will be open on the Christmas and New Year holidays.

I amsterdam Card - The Amsterdam Visitor Discount Card
If you're planning to visit at least two or three of Amsterdam's major museums and attractions, you might want to consider buying the "I amsterdam" card. Learn more here.

Tour Amsterdam's Red Light District with a Former Sex Worker
I'd recommend this tour for those who wish to learn about the history of the Amsterdam Red Light District and the prostitution industry here. You'll even get the chance to step inside a Red Light window.

Heineken Experience in Amsterdam
Find visitor information about the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, housed in the former Heineken Brewery.

Amsterdam for Cannabis Smokers
These businesses don't have to be licensed cannabis coffeeshops to provide entertainment, food and hospitality to stoners in Amsterdam.

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