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De Appel Arts Center


De Appel ("The Apple") is a contemporary arts institute located in a former boys' school near Amsterdam's Museumplein. Established in 1975, it has fostered performance, installation and video art since that time -- no mean feat in the '70s, before these media had attracted widespread public interest. With its exhibitions, performances and lectures, De Appel hopes to ensnare visitors in the web of contemporary arts and to help them view these arts from a critical, insiders' perspective.

To this end, De Appel presents six exhibits each year, which feature both Dutch and international artists in a wide variety of media -- from visual to performance to musical arts. These exhibits are orchestrated, often in conjunction with other activities, to provide the optimum interactivity for their audience.

What's to See at De Appel:

De Appel holds no permanent collection, but instead relies on temporary loans for its visual arts exhibits, which showcase individual artists or special themes. But the top-caliber exhibits, which feature talents often on the brink of international acclaim, are always met with an enthusiastic reception.

Performance art is also at the heart of De Appel's activities, and visitors are welcome to the live performances on De Appel's calendar (which often occur off-premises, at local theaters). For all events, potential visitors should check De Appel web site.

De Appel Arts Center Visitor Information:

De Appel Location
De Appel Boys' School
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59

Opening Times

  • Open Tues. - Sun., 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Admission Fees

  • General admission: € 7
  • "I amsterdam" card holders: Free

Get There

  • By tram - Line 1, 4, 16 or 24 to "Stadhouderskade".

More Information

Visit De Appel web site.

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