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48 Hours in Amsterdam - Two Days of Amsterdam's Top Attractions


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Amsterdam Introduction & Tips
Amsterdam Canal Scene

An Amsterdam Canal Scene

Photo © David Spender/Flickr (CC BY)

Time is a luxury, and it's one we're often short of when we travel. But Amsterdam, as one of Europe's smallest capitals, lends itself well to whistle-stop tours thanks to its compact city center and excellent public transit (or rent-a-bikes!). If I had just 48 hours to see it all, this is how I'd pack the most of Amsterdam into two days: a personalized tour for the time-constrained, from the wonders of the 17th-century Low Countries to modern Dutch life.

Need some pointers on accommodations? Find the low-down on everywhere from backpacker hostels to the city's best hotels and luxury hotels on About Travel.

Tip: A 48-hour I amsterdam Card is the ideal compliment to my 48-hour tour: it offers free city-wide public transport, free entrance to most of the recommended attractions, and a 25% discount at a selection of central restaurants. A map is also handy for Amsterdam's often serpentine street plan: the I amsterdam City Map sold for € 2.50 at the VVV (Tourist Information Center), across from Central Station, is adequate.

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