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De Wallen, Amsterdam's Red-Light District


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De Wallen Debunked
De Wallen, Amsterdam's Red-Light District
Photo © Ricardo Liberato

Amsterdam's Red Light District, also known as "De Wallen", is both one of its most popular, and most misunderstood, areas. For visitors, it offers more than just sex for sale: nestled in Amsterdam's Oude Zijde (Old Side), its lattice of narrow streets also contains museums, restaurants and boutiques, as well as the medieval Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam's oldest parish church. Some Amsterdammers even call it home: believe it or not, De Wallen doubles as a residential area, with families happily ensconced in its historic rowhouses.

So while the district owes its international fame to the sex workers who beckon from its red-lit windows, even the most prudish visitor can appreciate its tamer side - and even the most debauched visitor should, too!

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