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Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam


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Remember Anne Frank and the Dutch World War II Experience
Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam
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The Netherlands was not exempt from the horrors of World War II, and its memory remains in the minds of all those who experienced it. World War II memorials like the Dutch National Monument, the Homomonument and others commemorate the victims of this war, and three spectacular museums are devoted in whole or in part to this period.

The Anne Frank House is one such museum, where visitors can explore the "secret annex" where Anne hid for years with her parents, sister and three others as she composed her famous diary. Even the Gestapo soldiers who found them could scarcely believe the cramped existence lived out in these clandestine rooms. Brave individuals like the couple who harbored the Franks were part of the Dutch Resistance movement, and to them a museum is also dedicated: the Verzetsmuseum, voted the best historical museum in the Netherlands, which documents the tireless attempts of the resistance members to thwart the Nazis. The Jewish Historical Museum, too, retells how the Holocaust devastated Jewish communities in the Netherlands, and how these communities have rebuilt themselves in its wake. Few visitors are left unmoved by the powerful exhibits at these museums.

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