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Explore Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt - Amsterdam Walking Tour


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Eighth Leg: Egelantiersgracht
Quiet and quaint Egelantiersgracht in the Jordaan

Quiet and Quaint Egelantiersgracht in the Jordaan

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Continue down the even-numbered side of Prinsengracht to Egelantiersgracht on the right.

If you're a hungry vegetarian, first stop at Bolhoed, a casual restaurant at No. 60 Prinsengracht (known for surprisingly delicious vegan desserts).


  • Egelantiersgracht is named for the flowering plant "eglantine," a sweetbriar or honeysuckle variety.

  • Its flora-inspired name fits its character, as the Egelantiersgracht's tree-lined streets form a charming canopy over the water and flower boxes adorn its bridges in summer.

  • Canal houses on the Egelantiersgracht were originally meant for artisans, and now top the list as some of the Jordaan's most desirable addresses.

  • Café 't Smalle, on the northwest corner with the Prinsengracht, serves traditional Dutch fare in one of the most idyllic canalside settings in the city.

  • On the opposite corner is Rock Archive, a gallery of impressive music photography. Next door you'll see the window of the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, where you can learn the history of this oh-so-Dutch flower that's not even native to Holland (the main entrance is around the corner to the south, at Prinsengracht 112).

  • Take time to meander down pretty Egelantiersgracht; its peaceful and beautiful nature will make you and your camera happy.

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