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Explore Amsterdam's Western Canal Belt - Amsterdam Walking Tour


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Ninth Leg: Bloemgracht
Tranquil Bloemgracht is home to typical Amsterdam step-gabled houses (at right)

Tranquil Bloemgracht is home to typical Amsterdam step-gabled houses (at right)

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Follow Egelantiersgracht down to the first bridge crossing (if you strolled along the even-numbered side, you'll need to cross this bridge, called Hilletjesbrug). Turn left on Eerste Leliedwarsstraat (sometimes abbreviated on maps as "1e Lelie Dwa Str"). Cross Nieuwe Leliestraat and continue toward Bloemgracht.

Along with the stylish boutiques so typical of the neighborhood, you'll likely notice oil paintings of the area in the windows of Atelier Galilea (No. 4), as you walk down this tiny side street. As you approach the Bloemgracht, you'll have a stunning view of the Westerkerk's tower.


  • Bloemgracht means "flower canal."

  • Turn right on the even-numbered side and head down to the second bridge crossing at Derde Leliedwarsstraat (abbreviated on maps as "3e Lelie Dwa Str"). Cross the bridge to the left, then immediately turn left on Bloemgracht's odd-numbered side.

    Three picture-perfect, step-gabled houses with bright-red shutters stand on your right at Nos. 87-91. These date back to 1642. Beautiful houses like these are responsible for the Bloemgracht's reputation as the "Herengracht of the Jordaan."

  • Like Egelantiersgracht, pretty Bloemgracht offers visitors a break from busy Prinsengracht and a chance to experience the best the Jordaan has to offer.

  • As you continue east along the Bloemgracht, take note of the plaques above several of the houses' doors. These often include a construction date and a hint about the building's purpose.

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