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What to Do and See in Amsterdam


How should you spend your time in Amsterdam? These resources cover everything from top Amsterdam museums and attractions to the city's best restaurants and cafes. You'll also find information on events and day trips.
  1. Amsterdam Must-Sees
  2. Amsterdam Museums and Attractions
  3. Districts of Amsterdam
  4. Amsterdam, City of Water
  5. Unusual Amsterdam
  1. Seasonal Events and Holidays
  2. Restaurants, Cafés and Food
  3. Amsterdam for Adults
  4. Day Trips and Excursions

Amsterdam Must-Sees

Amsterdam's Groenburgwal canal

Browse my picks for the best Amsterdam has to offer, from picturesque canals and lively squares to world-class museums and attractions.

Amsterdam Museums and Attractions

With more than 50 museums and Europe's largest historical inner city, there's no shortage of sights to explore in Amsterdam.

Districts of Amsterdam

One of the most exciting parts about exploring a city is discovering its many different districts. Here you'll find the highlights of Amsterdam's neighborhoods, including area attractions, restaurants and the feeling each area evokes.

Amsterdam, City of Water

Amsterdam, and the Netherlands, owe much to their relationship with the water: from the canals that lace the city, to the dikes and polders that helped reclaim much of the country from the water, to a maritime history that shaped the modern world.

Unusual Amsterdam

Amsterdam has its fair share of unusual, but unique and worthwhile attractions: from a water-borne cat sanctuary to its phenomenal museum of fluorescent rocks and minerals.

Seasonal Events and Holidays

Find out about Amsterdam's best festivals and how the Dutch celebrate holidays.

Restaurants, Cafés and Food

With such an international population, Amsterdam offers restaurants and cafés with everything from genuine Indonesian food to Mediterranean tapas. Of course, no visit is complete without trying some tasty Amsterdam street foods, tempting baked goods and traditional Dutch fare. These resources will help you learn where to eat in Amsterdam, what to order and even how to pay the bill.

Amsterdam for Adults

You've probably heard about Amsterdam's tolerant attitude toward soft drugs, the sex industry and alternative lifestyles. Find out more about these here.

Day Trips and Excursions

Explore the country beyond the capital with these day trip recommendations.

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