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With such an international population, Amsterdam offers restaurants and cafés with everything from genuine Indonesian food and Mediterranean tapas to traditional Dutch fare and street foods. Find Amsterdam restaurant reviews, tips on what to order and even how to pay the bill.
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De Vegetarische Slager - Amsterdam's Meat-Free Delicatessen
De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher) opened its first Amsterdam location in 2013 to supply the Dutch capital with its wildly popular mock meat products.

Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam
Pancakes and their little cousins, poffertjes, are a popular and typically Dutch meal that tourists in Amsterdam should sample at least once.

Best Spots in Amsterdam for Authentic Dutch Cuisine
Traditional Dutch cuisine consists of hearty comfort food to warm one's bones in the northerly climate, and here's where to find it.

Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam
Find recommendations for Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Best Bakeries in Amsterdam

Bruin brood -- brown bread -- is a staple of the everyday Dutch diet, but the Dutch are capable of far more sophisticated oven-baked treats than the standard supermarket loaves. Here are my top choices for the best bakeries (Dutch bakkerijen) and banketbakkerijen (specialists in pastries and sweets) in Amsterdam.

Best Pizzerias & Pizza in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Find out where to score some of the best pizzas (pizze) in town at these Italian restaurants and pizzerias (pizzerie) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Asian Restaurants in Amsterdam
Amsterdam restaurants with cuisines from across Asia, from Indian, to Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai, to Chinese and Japanese.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam
These vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands have full menus free of meat and/or animal products.

Best Restaurants in Amsterdam Chinatown
Tried-and-true picks for the best restaurants in Amsterdam "Chinatown", a multicultural pastiche of East Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Best Lunch Spots in Amsterdam
Our top lunch picks for Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Best Cafes in Amsterdam
Find the best coffee, espresso, and espresso-based drinks at these Amsterdam cafes.

Best Chocolatiers in Amsterdam
Unbeknownst to some, Amsterdam is a superb destination for chocolate lovers; these four chocolatiers prove it.

Best Surinamese Restaurants in Amsterdam
Thanks to the 300,000 Surinamese who call the Netherlands home, Amsterdam has a wide variety of delicious Surinamese cuisine.

Best Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam
What today is Indonesia was a Dutch colony for more than 300 years. One of the results of that is a tasty one: plenty of delicious Indonesian restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Choose from my picks of the Best Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam, which range from fine dining to fast to-go options.

HEMA 1-euro Breakfast - The City's Best Breakfast Deal
Penny-pinchers and value-seekers can find the best breakfast deal in the city at the Dutch retail chain HEMA, whose 1-euro breakfast is a substantial start to the day.

Alternative Eats in Amsterdam
Dine "out" at the home of a resident Amsterdammer, or tuck into a communal meal at a squat at one of the city's alternative eateries.

Foods to Try in Amsterdam
Amsterdam offers a buffet of typical foods that define the city and its inhabitants. Visitors should be open to trying as many of these tastes as they can, from sweet treats and salty frites to traditional Dutch fish and imported spicy dishes.

Good Cheap Eats in Amsterdam
Eating on a budget doesn't have to mean eating bad food. In Amsterdam there are plenty of places offering freshly made food at reasonable prices. All the place below offer lunch and/or dinner for about € 10 or less, per person.

Restaurants near Amsterdam's Museum Quarter
The Rijksmuseum doesn't offer food; in the Van Gogh Museum and the stalls on Museumplein you'll find snacks and sandwiches. If you want you'll find From a delicious sandwich shop to a locals' place with the city's best steak, these find good restaurants near the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Heated or Covered Amsterdam Café Terraces
Find out where you can stay warm and dry while you relax with a drink and watch passers-by.

Where to Find Mexican Food in Amsterdam
Here are the best restaurants serving Mexican food in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Restaurants You Won't Find in a Guidebook
While there are some decent restaurant suggestions in popular Amsterdam guidebooks, the ones on this list aren't in any of them. So choose one of these local favorites if you don't want to be a tourist who does it "by the book."

Pancake Bakery - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

What is kopi luwak (and what does it have to do with Amsterdam)?
Want to taste kopi luwak, one of the world's most exclusive coffees? Visitors have ample opportunity to do so in Amsterdam's historic center.

Macaron Workshop at Poptasi - Pastry Class Review

Why Can't I Order Tap Water in Dutch Restaurants?
Find out about one of the least-popular policies of (most) Dutch restaurants: their refusal to serve free tap water in favor of paid bottled water.

Mik le Chef's "Eco-Correct" Culinary Workshops in Amsterdam
Participants learn to prepare locally-inspired, eco-friendly dishes at this culinary workshop (with post-workshop dinner) in Amsterdam.

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