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Vliegende Schotel - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

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The Bottom Line

Vegetarians, rejoice! There's much more than an oud kaas ("old cheese") sandwich for you to eat in Amsterdam. Fill up on fresh, nutritious, organic vegetarian fare at Vliegende Schotel, a cozy restaurant on a residential street in the Jordaan neighborhood. This long-time local spot offers not only great value (main dishes: € 8 - 15), but also flavorful food that proves "healthful" doesn't have to mean "bland." So meat-eaters (I'm one, myself), give it a try! (See below for full review.)


  • Fresh, organic ingredients.
  • Great value (large servings).
  • Quiet, residential location.
  • Non-smoking area.
  • Sidewalk seating in nice weather.


  • Service can be slow.
  • Often missing some ingredients.


  • Address: Nieuwe Leliestraat 162, Amsterdam
    Phone: +31 (0)20 625 20 41

  • Kitchen open:
    Daily 4 p.m. - 10:45 p.m.
    Reservations not necessary.

  • Location: Jordaan neighborhood; close to Lijnbaansgracht (west) end of the street.

  • Tram line: 10 to the Bloemgracht stop (at Marnixstraat; cross the bridge toward center).

  • Attire: As casual as casual gets.

  • Scene: Laid-back, local, homey atmosphere ideal for small groups, families, couples or singles.

  • Service: Laid-back (don't go if in a hurry), but the friendly attitude makes up for slowness.

  • Drinks: Organic beers (€ 2 - 3.50), organic European wines (all under € 16/bottle), organic liquor.

  • Good to know: Don't eat egg? Let the staff know. Fried rice served with some dishes includes it.

  • Payment: Accepts most major credit cards.

Guide Review - Vliegende Schotel - Amsterdam Restaurant Review

The vibe at Vliegende Schotel ("flying saucer") feels like a friend's funky home. The humble yellow tables may have lived in a '60s eat-in kitchen. Quirky art livens the walls. Stacks of magazines lean on a well-loved couch. Order dinner and an organic Budels tap beer (€ 2) from the friendly guy behind the counter (likely the co-owner of more than 20 years). Then find a cozy place to sit.

Meals can take a while -- most dishes are made to order. And some ingredients may differ from menu descriptions, as the staff uses only what's fresh and available.

The € 8 daily specials include a generous helping of brown rice and a choice of "large entrée/small salad," or vice versa (take the reverse route if you want more fresh veggies). A favorite is the dahl, spiced red lentils in a curry sauce with bok choy. The rainbow of side salads includes dressed cabbage with cumin seeds, carrots soaked in citrus, potato salad with fresh dill, pickled beets and chunks of tomato and cucumber.

Also on the menu: Pumpkin tempura, goulash of seitan (a wheat-based meat substitute), a few fish options for pesca-vegetarians and a spin on the Indonesian "rice table," with tofu, Asian veggies and a tangy peanut sauce.

Cheese-lovers may go for the Portobello with goat cheese, a potato gratin or fondue.

This isn't boring food; there's always something crunchy, soft, warm, cold, savory, sweet, spicy and subtle on the plate. But huge servings leave me too full for dessert. Someday I'll try the banana cream pie!
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