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Best Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam

Find the Best Authentic Indonesian Cuisine and Rijsttafels in Amsterdam


What is Indonesia today was a Dutch colony for more than 300 years. One of the results of that is a tasty one: plenty of delicious Indonesian restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Choose from my picks of the Best Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam, which range from fine dining to fast to-go options.

Blue Pepper

Best for Finer Indonesian Dining

Johannes van Dam, a restaurant critic of near-Godlike status in Amsterdam and the Netherlands has called this contemporary take on Indonesian cuisine "Fantastisch" and "9+" -- and if you know anything about Johannes van Dam, you know those kinds of accolades don't come unearned. Pick from one of three tasting menus every evening: a classic rijsttafel, plus a "modern" or "contemporary" option, all with exotic names like "The Sultan and I," "Wild Orchid," and "Blue Marilyn."

Tempo Doeloe

Tie for Best Indonesian Food on the Utrechtsestraat

The posh Utrechtsestraat in the Eastern Canal Belt of Amsterdam is a restaurant-lover's paradise, and that utopia includes two of the city's favorite Indonesian eateries. Tempo Doeloe -- the name means "Old Times" in Indonesian -- is a tucked away traditional restaurant whose patrons appreciate its privacy, well-executed classic dishes and attention to detail. This isn't the place to find modern innovation on the cuisine, but you won't be bothered by the ever-present wandering vendors peddling Polaroids and flowers.

Tujuh Maret

Tujuh Maret Indonesian Restaurant in Amsterdam
© Tujuh Maret
Tie for Best Indonesian Food on the Utrechtsestraat

If Tempo Doeloe is the tucked-away Indonesian option on the otherwise bustling Utrechtsestraat, Tujuh Maret is the front-and-center one. Unlike Tempo Doeloe, Tujuh Maret offers take-away and lunch (just look for the glowing yellow sign advertising the latter).

Sama Sebo

Best Indonesian Food near Amsterdam's Big Museums

With claims to fame as one of the Netherlands' oldest and most well-known Indonesian restaurants, it's no wonder the tables at this popular Museum Quarter restaurant are booked well in advance. Their rijsttafel is the star here.
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