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Where to Find Mexican Food in Amsterdam


When I first moved to Amsterdam, I stumbled upon a "Mexican" restaurant (owned by an Egyptian man) that served a "burrito" covered in something that resembled Thousand Island salad dressing and melted Dutch cheese. Don't make that mistake. I've learned my lesson and I'm sharing my knowledge with you. When you're looking for good Mexican food in Amsterdam, choose one of these spots.

Los Pilones

This is Amsterdam's only authentic Mexican restaurant to my knowledge. We're talking mole sauce, stewed beef dishes with a serious kick and 20 different types of tequila! It's also a refreshing alternative to the countless hungry-tourist traps in the Leidseplein area (there's also a location in the Jordaan neighborhood). Be sure to read my full review of Los Pilones.

Taco Shop

A young guy from Southern California started this Baja-style eatery in Copenhagen. His arrival in Amsterdam a few years later resulted in a near cult following among American expats in search of familiar west-coast flavors. It's all about the shredded chicken burrito for me, which comes smothered in a Mexican (not Dutch!) blend of cheeses and a mild ranchero sauce. And I always ask for a side of the spiciest salsa they make. The kitchen is bigger than the barstool-only eat-in area, which is why most customers take their tacos to go. The other reason is that no liquor license means no libations, so you can't enjoy a cerveza with your spicy fare.


So many of my Amsterdam friends have raved about this place that I've been compelled to do something I rarely do: make a recommendation based solely on others' feedback. This is fresh Tex-Mex that won't break the bank, and according to the website, they even strive to use environmentally responsible ingredients whenever possible. The burritos, tacos, tostadas and salads all sound delicious. And this might be the only place in Amsterdam where you'll find (fittingly) a real tomatillo salsa verde. I'll be sure to have one of everything on the menu (in the name of research, of course) as soon as I get the chance!
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