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La Savonnerie - Unique Soap and Bath Products Shop in Amsterdam

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Colorful scented soaps at La Savonnerie

Colorful scented soaps at La Savonnerie

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The Bottom Line

This is hands-down one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam. The main draw are the countless rows of soaps in more than 50 scents, each one a different color. I always bring visitors here and they always leave feeling the same way I do about it. Find out why (read below for the full review).


  • Colorful assortment of handmade soaps are like eye (and nose) candy.
  • Great place to find a beautiful, useful, affordable Amsterdam souvenir.
  • Unique European bath accessories also make great gifts.


  • Closed on Sundays.


  • Address: Prinsengracht 294

  • Open: Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Closed Sundays

  • Location: On the edge of the Nine Little Streets, one of Amsterdam's best shopping areas.

  • Payment: Accepts major credit cards.

Guide Review - La Savonnerie - Unique Soap and Bath Products Shop in Amsterdam

The French name of of this charming corner store near the Nine Streets area is a nod to the French-milled style in which the soaps are made. If you're lucky, the owner might just be making them in the open area in the back when you stop by. She uses only 100% plant oils (palm and jojoba) and scented oils to create the more than 50 fragrant varieties. It's hard to choose a favorite when they're as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to smell, but mine are the eucalyptus (a light greenish-blue), the mimosa (pale lemon yellow) and camelia (pastel pink).

Several "flavors" range from a deep-green lime and hot pink framboise (raspberry) to coffee-colored mocha and golden-brown miel (honey). If you prefer non-food scents, you might opt for one of the many clean perfume-like choices, which have calming names like ocean, aqua and atmosphere (all shades of blue, of course) or funny ones like Don Juan (a manly scent in a masculine charcoal gray color). There are also dozens of classic floral and plant-derived scents to complete the rainbow.

The 100-gram bars cost € 3 - 4, while the smaller round and rectangular blocks are slightly less. Packages of color-coordinated hotel-sized guest soaps are € 7.95 and make great gifts. In fact, everything in the store makes a great gift (beware: you'll be tempted to gift yourself!). The hand-pressed stamps on each soap, bearing the store's name and "Amsterdam," make them even more charming. If you have a special greeting in mind, they'll spell it out for you.

Alongside the house-label soaps are Belgian body lotions, Swedish bath brushes, French and Italian artisanal soaps and Danish-made toiletries bags that come in stylish, cheery prints. The baby gifts include precious washcloths, booties and unscented block-shaped soaps (€ 0.90 each) stamped with letters to spell a child's name.
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