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Hoogkamp Antiquariaat in Amsterdam

Find Old Amsterdam Maps, Prints and Original Etchings


Look for the awning of Hoogkamp Antiquariaat on the Spiegelgracht

Look for the awning of Hoogkamp Antiquariaat on the Spiegelgracht

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A shopping quick tip: if you're looking for something special to take home from your trip to Amsterdam, stop by a lovely little shop called Hoogkamp Antiquariaat, located on the quaint Spiegelgracht near the Rijksmuseum.

Kind gentleman shop owner Mr. Hoogkamp has been specializing in his trade for more than 35 years and offers hundreds of old maps, prints and etchings. The selection of Amsterdam etchings is especially impressive and includes idyllic scenes of crooked canal houses and humpbacked bridges. Or you might opt for an antique original map of Amsterdam's canal system, a 17th-century political map of Holland or a rare map of another favorite European destination. Hoogkamp also stocks plenty of original and reproduction botanical drawings.

The range here is wide and the prices reasonable, whether you choose from quality copies or collectible originals. They make great souvenirs for yourself or gifts for friends and family who couldn't come along to Amsterdam.

Hoogkamp Antiquariaat
Spiegelgracht 27
(canal just across the bridge from the north side of the Rijksmuseum)
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