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Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Amsterdam


If you're a lover of vintage clothes and accessories, check out this list of the best vintage clothing stores in Amsterdam. Whether you're looking for an authentic 1950s dress or a treasured pair of gently used Manolos, you're bound to find secondhand treasures at these shops.

1. Spiegelbeeld

Young Woman with Colorful Dresses at Flea Market
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Huidenstraat 24, Negen Straatjes ("Nine Streets") area

Spiegelbeeld (Dutch for "mirror play") is the place to search for secondhand and vintage designer labels like Manolo Blahnik, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein. You'll also find popular regional names like Dries van Noten and Laundry Industry. The owner of this small but high-quality shop is almost always there to lend a hand and her honest opinion.

2. Laura Dols

Wolvenstraat 6 & 7, Negen Straatjes ("Nine Streets") area

With a vintage inventory that warrants two stores on the same block, Laura Dols is a secondhand staple in Amsterdam. At the bigger location (Wolvenstraat 7) you'll find racks of clothes spanning five decades (quite well-organized by color) and unique accessories like enamel-buckle wide belts and beaded bags. The back room and basement, full of party dresses perfect for everything from cocktails to a play-it-again prom, are sure to please any vintage hound.

Across the street at Wolvenstraat 6 are coats galore and a collection of vintage embroidered tea towels, pillowcases, tablecloths and European farm linens.

3. Episode

Waterlooplein 1, Old Centrum area
Berenstraat 1, Negen Straatjes ("Nine Streets") area

With branches in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, London and Rotterdam, Episode dresses throngs of a mostly young clientèle in thrift-store finds. The two Amsterdam locations both feature men's and women's clothes with a strong focus on the 1970s and '80s, as well as Halloween and costumey get-ups and novelty accessories. Somehow the Berenstraat location feels more upscale to me. Their collection of old Levi's and military-style jackets is hard to beat.

4. Daffodil

Jacob Obrechtstraat 41, Oud Zuid ("Old South") area

Filling a gap in the secondhand shopping market, Daffodil stocks its tiny corner shop with classic trousers and skirts, sophisticated suits and seasonal outfits that cater to the 40-, 50- and 60-something customer. Most brands are mid-level and local, like Pauw, Claudia Strater and Mexx. Lucky shoppers will find Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent; even luckier ones will get the attention of the ladies who work there.
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