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Whether you prefer five-star or no-frills accommodations in Amsterdam, the city offers both -- and hundreds of hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts in between. Find an Amsterdam hotel that suits your taste, discover the best canal-side hotels and learn about the different Amsterdam neighborhoods you could call home during your visit.
  1. Amsterdam Hotel Reviews (3)

Best Hostels in Amsterdam
These top Amsterdam hostels are widely celebrated for their services, location and overall conviviality.

Alternative Accommodations in Amsterdam
Alternative accommodations have revolutionized the Amsterdam hospitality industry - from short-stay rentals to Airbnb, hospitality networks to WWOOF.

Airbnb in Amsterdam and the Netherlands
Feel at home in Amsterdam - in a real city apartment courtesy of alternative accommodation site Airbnb.

Find Amsterdam Accommodations with a Hospitality Network
Online hospitality networks allow travelers to find free accommodations with other network members, or just meet for drinks or a city stroll.

WWOOF in the Netherlands

Become a live-in volunteer on a Dutch farm with WWOOF; the Netherlands has around 30 host farms across the country.

Best Boutique Hotels in Amsterdam
If you're looking for a little something special in your Amsterdam hotel choice, these boutique hotels will deliver.

Best Five-star Hotels in Amsterdam
While there is some debate about which Amsterdam hotels are truly worthy of a five-star rating, there's no doubt about these. Find the top luxury hotels in Amsterdam with this list.

Romantic Hotels in Amsterdam
Consider one of these romantic hotels in Amsterdam if you're looking for accommodations with a rich, warm ambiance. All of these properties are situated on canals; in Amsterdam, it's hard to find something more romantic than a view on the water.

Amsterdam Hotels and Hostels near the Vondelpark
If you prefer a less-congested area that still offers easy access to central attractions, consider an Amsterdam hotel or hostel near the Vondelpark, the city's most-loved public green space.

Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast Resources
I recommend these online tools for finding B&Bs and small hotels in Amsterdam.

Alternatives to Amsterdam Hotels
Want something more from your Amsterdam accommodations than four walls and a tiny bathroom? Consider these unique alternatives to Amsterdam hotels.

Benefits of Renting an Apartment in Amsterdam
More and more travelers are opting for short-stay apartments over hotels these days, as they search for accommodations with more character, privacy and value. I happen to prefer apartment stays if I'm going to be in a city for three or more nights, which is usually the minimum requirement for rentals. Thinking about renting an apartment in Amsterdam? Here are the reasons you should

Benefits of Using BookAmsterdamApartments.com
This reputable company offers everything from sleek but affordable studios to charming canal-house spaces to palatial penthouses. In May 2010, I had the chance to visit several of the company's offerings and booked my own stay in in a quaint canal-house apartment on the Brouwersgracht, one of my picks for Amsterdam's most charming canals . Here are the top reasons to use BookAmsterdamApar…

Amsterdam Neighborhood Profile: De Pijp
A former working-class area just south of the main canal belt, De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam has a multi-cultural vibe, the city's biggest outdoor market and a selection of dining options that covers the globe.

Where Did John Lennon and Yoko Ono Stage Their 1969 'Bed-in' in Amsterdam?
Find out where in Amsterdam John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed in bed for seven days in 1969.

Dutch Hotel Classification (Star System) Explained
What's a four-star hotel have that a two-star doesn't? Learn what amenities and services to expect from Amsterdam hotels with this explanation of the Dutch Hotel Classification System (PDF file), which rates accommodations from one to five stars.

Find Amsterdam Hotels and Accommodations at Venere.com
Venere.com acts as a liaison between you and more than 100 Amsterdam hotels and accommodations. In most cases, the site does not require immediate payment, unlike many other hotel booking services.

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