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Find Cheap Chic Rooms at Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam


A 'cubi' at Amsterdam's Qbic Hotel

A 'cubi' at Amsterdam's Qbic Hotel

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The Bottom Line:

The Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC is a low-cost design hotel based on the concept that no-frills and self-service accommodations can be affordable and stylish. Situated outside central Amsterdam in the city's southern financial district and adjacent to excellent public transport links, its location is ideal for Amsterdam visitors who seek a quieter area, business guests and travelers who want to stay near (but not at) Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

While certainly a model of innovation, the funky hotel isn't for everyone. Find out why.

Guest Rooms:

In each Qbic room is a "cubi," a futuristic pod-like unit containing a sleeping area with an extra-long handmade Swedish Hästens bed and a shower/toilet room with Philippe Starck design elements. Watch the flat-screen LCD TV or use the high-speed wi-fi (laptop not included) from the integrated work-and-dine set at the foot of the bed.

The cubis go designer disco with a glowing lighting scheme you can change with your mood (choose from red, violet, green or plain white). Space-saving hooks and stands replace closets and not all cubis have windows.

Facilities and Services:

Basically, you're on your own at Qbic. An automated check-in process produces your room key like a vending machine spits out a candy bar. While there is always one staff member available for questions and/or issues, this isn't a concierge. Breakfast? Drinks? Automated. The "Grab and Go" machines offer beverages, food from local bakeries and caterers, as well items like toothbrushes and magazines. The trendy lobby and common areas strive to showcase new designers' creative efforts.

Who Would Love It :

If you're into the funky, the modern or the unexpected, you'll get a kick out of Qbic's unorthodox approach. Those who enjoy a ride through the quieter, more residential areas of a city as they head to and from centralized tourist attractions will be rewarded with a glimpse at one of Amsterdam's most upscale neighborhoods, Oud Zuid.

Who Would Rather Stay Elsewhere:

If you're into the service aspect of a hotel stay, the hands-off Qbic is obviously not for you. If your idea of hotel heaven is location in the most tourist-centric part of the city, keep looking. Some guests complain about the lack of door on the bathroom section of the pod, which means you can't be shy around your traveling partner.

Tips to Make a Stay More Enjoyable:

Other than the hotel's vending machines, food options in the immediate area are limited at night. Stop by the Albert Heijn grocery store at Gerrit van der Veenstraat, just three short stops north on Tram 5, to pick up snacks and drinks for the room.

Room Rates:

Room rates at Qbic Amsterdam start from as little as € 69, based on season and advance booking.

Contact the Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC:

Qbic Hotel Amsterdam WTC (World Trade Center)
Strawinskylaan 241 (at train station Amsterdam Zuid)
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