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Benefits of Renting an Apartment in Amsterdam

Reasons to Rent a Short-Stay Apartment on Your Visit to Amsterdam


More and more travelers are opting for short-stay apartments over hotels these days, as they search for accommodations with more character, privacy and value. I happen to prefer apartment stays if I'm going to be in a city for three or more nights, which is usually the minimum requirement for rentals. Thinking about renting an apartment in Amsterdam? Here are the reasons you should.

1) A Feel for Local Life

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Most travelers considering an apartment seek a taste for local life. Amsterdam is ideal for this type of travel experience. When you rent an apartment here, you can walk alongside your neighbors on their morning walks to the corner bakery to grab breakfast. Don't just browse the colorful outdoor markets; buy those vibrant vegetables and tempting artisanal breads and cheeses to make a meal at "your place." Or even invite the fellow travelers you met at a café to a happy hour on your terrace.

An apartment stay will give you an idea of how (and where) Amsterdammers live, something most hotels just can't deliver. And who wouldn't prefer a unique space with loads more character than the box of beds that is a typical hotel room?

2) Space and Privacy

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Of course travelers would expect an apartment to be more spacious than a hotel room, but they may not understand how rejuvenating it is to have such space in Amsterdam. This is a compact, bustling and densely populated city. Having your own apartment means you'll have plenty of room to stretch, breathe, relax and refresh. Somehow tripping over your suitcase as you scoot around the bed in a cramped hotel room doesn't lend itself to the same experience.

Many apartments offer a some outdoor space, whether a cozy private garden, a balcony or a rooftop terrace perfect for unwinding away from the city buzz. And let's face it: with space comes privacy, which means you can have breakfast in your pajamas wherever you'd like.

3) Value

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Amsterdam hotels have a reputation for being on the expensive side, especially those in the canal district. When you consider location, quality and the fact that many hotels don't include breakfast in their rates, an apartment can work out to be as affordable as a hotel. Add to that the opportunity to save money on a few meals by cooking in your apartment and it might even work out to be cheaper.

Where to Rent an Apartment in Amsterdam

I recommend Your Amsterdam Housing from personal experience. Owned by lifelong Amsterdammers with a passion for renovating beautiful but previously neglected buildings, most of their apartments are in the Jordaan area and on canals.

Unlike companies that merely represent several owners, Your Amsterdam Housing owns all of their properties. The result is a keen knowledge of each apartment and personal, genuine service. They truly want visitors to enjoy Amsterdam and their stylishly decorated apartments. Prices range from € 90 to € 220 per night (tax included). All rentals include a full kitchen, washer/dryer, wireless internet access and free airport pick-up service.
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